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The undergraduate program of Global Stanford Campus is one of the most competitive undergraduate programs in Sri Lanka. We recruit students from across the country primarily on the basis of their performance in the G.C.E. advance level  Exam; meanwhile, few international students are enrolled each year.

The length of a full-time undergraduate program is 3 or 4 academic years.

Majors and Learning Goals
  • Demonstrate the ability of applying critical thinking in subject area
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication
  • Have good leadership and effective teamwork skills
  • Understand  ethics and social responsibilities

     Demonstrate knowledge and skills to solve practical problems in accounting practice

Business Administration
    Demonstrate skills in solving problems in business administration practices

Financial Management
   Demonstrate the capability of decision-making for financing and investment

Human Resource Management
   Demonstrate competency for human resource management in employment and business management

Information System and Management
   Demonstrate necessary technical and managerial skills in using modern information technologies to conduct business activities

   Demonstrate ability and skills in solving practical issues in marketing

  Demonstrate knowledge and skills in science and practice

Demonstrate knowledge and skills in Teaching and learning process 

Demonstrate competency on various languages

Demonstrate necessary technical and managerial skills in various fields such as electronic engineering ,  civil engineering, mechanical engineering  , electrical engineering…etc

Demonstrate knowledge and skills in social science, fine art  and aesthetic subjects

Financial Support
Education Loans are arranged with a minimum interest rate from reputed banks of Sri Lanka

Admission for International Students
Global Stanford Campus welcomes international students to apply for its undergraduate programs. You are required to complete the curriculum within 3 or 4 years and fulfill the designated number of credits. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with a bachelor's degree.

Code of Conduct
Openness, Care, Coorperation(Teamwork), Wisdom and Principle.

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